"Excellent weekend, it was my first time at scrapbooking and I have really enjoyed myself.  Booked 2 more getaways and picked up lots of tips."

"We have had a very enjoyable weekend and can't wait till the next one."

"Very good Christine, you've obviously put a huge amount of work into organising this."

"Love the cricut - a wonderful invention.
Many thanks for allowing us to use your equipment, cutters, templates etc"

"Brilliant, unbelievable value."

"Lovely attention to detail."

"Enjoyed being able to do my own scrapbooking without having to take part in demonstrations or games, unless I wanted to."

"Like meeting new friends"

"Very well organised, learnt lots about the cricut :)"

"Definitely recommend you to friends!"

"Liked the fact I could crop for 24hrs"

"I couldn't sleep so I went back to the crop room and carried on scrapping,
it was great to be able to do that"

"Have had a wonderful relaxing weekend doing what I love with like minded
friends and new friends"

"Excellent - really well organised"

"Very friendly and welcoming"
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