Frequently Asked Questions
We quite often get asked the same questions by our customers, so we thought we would try and cover as many of them as we can here.

Q) Can we use more than one discount/offer on a booking?
A) No you can only use one offer or discount per booking.  If you have more than one offer available to you, you may choose which one you would like to use.

Q) Can members of my family or friends visit me whilst I am on a Getaway?
A) Yes they can, but they are not allowed into the crop room.  You are more than welcome to sit in the bar/resturant/lounge with them.  They can also stay over with you.  Please contact us for details.

Q) Are children allowed on these weekends?
A) Children are allowed at the weekends (unless otherwise stated), but only those over 13 will be allowed in the crop room and must have paid to be there.

Q) If I come as a day cropper, can I leave my stuff with you over night?
A) Of course you can! Most of our venues have lockable rooms so your stuff will be safe over night.  For those that do not have locks, the hotels have night porters to keep an eye on things.  As in all cases though, you leave your items at your own risk.

Q) Can I use my mobile during the weekend?
A) Yes you can, but we do ask that you turn your mobile to silent (and vibrate if you wish) and that you take/make calls outside the room.  If you are waiting and emergency call please let us know and you may keep your phone on low.

Q) I have never scrapbooked before but would like to try, can I still come to one of your getaways?
A) Of course! We would be happy to welcome you.  We can teach you the basics and help you get started.  Also with a room full of scrappers, we are sure you will pick up lots of tips from others too.

Q) Are dogs allowed on your weekend?
A) This will depend on the hotel.  You will need to contact us and we will find out for you. But we will not allow dogs in the craft room.

Q) Do I have to use the crop room the whole time or can I go out and explore the area, go shopping etc?
A) You may go out and explore/shop by all means, but you must use the crop room at least for a few hours each day.

Q) Can I bring food and drink with me?
A) Yes you can but you will have to eat/drink away from the hotel.  Most hotels do not allow food and drinks to be brought in.  You can of course buy food and drink at the hotel.  We are usually allowed to bring in sweets though.  Please ask us when booking what you can and can't take in with you.

Q) Do you have equipment that we can use?
A) Yes we do, we have two cricut machines (if you have never used one before we will teach you how to use it) which you will need to purchase a pass for.  Plenty of punches, templates and much more, ask for details.

Q) Can we bring our own equipment to use, like heat guns etc?
A) Yes you can, each item must be PAT tested and show an up to date sticker.  We also ask you to read our Terms and Conditions and to let us know if you require an electrical socket at time of booking.  Sockets are limited so this is done on a first come first served basis.
This page was last updated on: February 7, 2018
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