Meet the Team!
Hi I'm Scrappy the company mascot.
Read more about me here!
"Hi I'm Christine, the Boss! (I'm on the left)
I am the company Director, I organise the venues and events and basically hold the fort.  I personally view each venue before we book to make sure everything is right for us.
You contact me on"
"Hi I'm Tanith, the Techie!
I run the website and Twitter account, help with Facebook and advertising.
I live in Cyprus so I work from long distance.
I finally made it to one of our events! Bournemouth Christmas Crop 2012,
I had a great time (even if I was made to work!)."
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About the Company
We started in 2009 when we found a gap in the market for reasonably priced craft weekends.

Over the years we've tried to keep to this and source venues that give us value for money. 
We want you to be able to do your own thing and craft without distraction.  Sometimes we'll have a demo, but you are under no obligation to join in, the same goes for any ice breaker games we might play....but if you do play you could win a prize!